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Mind Portals

Mind Portals. 2019
Fine Arts Gallery, University of Montana, Missoula, MT
Monoprint ceramic tiles, 12 x 24 in each

Tibetan Bardo Series:
No. 1 This Life
No. 2 Dreaming
No. 3 Meditation
No. 4 Dying
No. 5 The Way Reality Really Is
Gloria Woolgathering
Blue Wolf Airport
You Are Not Invisible
Llama Wedding

These wall tiles are contemporary cave art!

You Are Not Invisible

Mind Portals

My pictorial vocabulary is translated from observation and experience into symbol and metaphor. This language is always evolving and so is well suited to investigating the relationships between all living things. The stories are forged from a combination of intentional analysis and intuitive association. These are hard won observations embodied in characters with narrative agency. They take on new life, complete with the blood of tone and inflection. These fragmented fables reflect and inform how I move through the world. In freshness and intimacy they resemble sketches, whereas in durability they hold the same status as permanent ceramic objects. This multivalent nature reflects the physicality and intangibility of existence.