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Heart Vomit and the Dream Army

MFA Thesis Exhibition 2021 March 5 – 30 

Thank you to the ZACC and the University of Montana
School of Visual and Media Arts
Welcome to my Master of Fine Arts thesis exhibition!
March 5 – 30, 2021
Zootown Arts Community Center, Missoula, MT

Cat Belle, 4x2ft, ink on pane
Underwolf, ink on panel, 6×4 ft

Alice licks a pop and goes inside her mind
splashing ink abounds and monkeys intertwine
hair blowing back my torso made of frog
legs swirling down to touch upon the slog
monkey under wolf mice play in clouds
holding a flow of ink that won’t become a shroud
reclining on wolf haunch a rat extends an arm
touching wonder water with-out alarm
my arm a flamingo looking up and over all
the other hand creates a window for the flow of fall

Heart Vomit

Snow Cave Animation, 50sec, adobe character animator and after effects, 2020

& The Dream Army

MFA Thesis Opening Night

March 5, 2021, Zootown Arts Community Center, Missoula, MT

Heart Vomit and the Dream Army

In these paintings and sculptures, black and white images overflow with humans and animals cascading across wood panels and abstract ceramic figures. The characters and the process of making the paintings represent relationships, modes of thought, events, places, and feelings. The energetic nature of the composition causes our gaze to move throughout the paintings, connecting images to construct our own stories. I am inspired by many art forms, from Hellenistic statues, ancient Hindu temples, punk poets, and Hieronymus Bosch. The universe I am depicting is made of infinite reflections on the psychological and physical realities of this world.

Originally, I resonated with art because of the community and day to day actual activities of working creatively with my hands. The curiosity of viewers combined with surprises my art gives me keeps me engaged in the making practice. When I’m in making mode, deep in the process of creating, I experience increasing openness to the world and receptiveness. I notice more details and appreciate the nuances of icicles. I hope that I can increasingly meld the actual creation and experience of art with beneficial activity for myself and others. To dream involves openness and dedicated courage. Thank you for your dreams.

Hope you enjoy the show!