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Hi, I’m Michelle Postma.

BFA Ceramics from University of Georgia, Athens, GA 2013
MFA University of Montana, Missoula, MT 2018 – 2021

Michelle Postma is a ceramic artist, painter, educator, and adventure enthusiast living in Missoula, MT. She received a BFA in ceramics from the University of Georgia and earned an MFA at the University of Montana where she focused on large scale mural-esque paintings and ceramic figures covered in images. She recently completed murals at the Zootown Arts Community Center and in downtown Missoula for the Allez! mural program.

Michelle’s art practice is rooted in cultivating awareness of life’s choices and the filters which shape those choices. She tells stories by translating observations and experiences into animals and symbols who represent individuals and concepts. This personal visual language allows her to reflect and informs how she moves through the world.

Health and Happiness. Chase the Stoke! – MP

“ Exploration is the physical expression of the intellectual passion.”
– Apsley Cherry-Garrard

University of Montana graduate student Michelle Postma poses with pieces from her art exhibit “Heart Vomit and the Dream Army” on Friday at the Zootown Arts Community Center.  – Sarah Mosquera / Montana Kaimin

Montana Kamin Article “People are just awesome and they don’t know it,” Postma said. “Every time someone shows courage, it gives me courage.”

Good People who happen to be artists, Thanksgiving 2017
“The influence of a vital person vitalizes, there’s no doubt about it. The world is a wasteland. People have the notion of saving the world by shifting it around and changing the rules and so forth. No, any world is a living world if it’s alive, and the thing is to bring it to life. And the way to bring it to life is to find in your own case where your life is, and be alive yourself, it seems to me.”
– Joseph Campbell

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